Tuesday, March 3, 2009


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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


/WOTD/ peculate \PEK-yuh-leyt\, verb: to steal money or goods entrusted to one; embezzle

Towards the end of the day during ELM's Black Friday sale, one customer thought that he could go into the changing room and peculate the goods he was trying on.

I woke up waaaaay early today. Mia woke me up by pawing me, notifying me that she'd shaken off the last remnants of her slumber (I was couching it, and she was sleeping at the foot of the couch) and was ready to get the day going. It's too bad that getting the day going involved waking up at approximately 6:57 AM PST and an urgent desire to expel the contents of her puppy bladder. I'm guessing those paws tha woke me up weren't an expression of her affection for me, but rather a warning that she had to go and she had to go now! I groggily sauntered over to where she had already begun to piss, urged her to stop, took her outside, where she was finally able to finish. I guess you can't always win. A half-puddle of urine is better than a full puddle of urine, any day of the week, especially Tuesdays.

Back to the actual purpose of this blog - the denims. While Mia was playing around in the backyard, I had some time to shoot my denims, which just had their 3 month anniversary this past Friday.

SE05BSP 3 months / no soak / no wash

The front.

Details of the front creases.

Details of the ring fade in the coin pocket. I used to wear that ring, but it's made out of titanium, so it didn't really adapt with the weather well and I felt that it was messing with my finger bone.

The Back.

Details of the wallet fade.

Itchy Teeth
Black & White

Itchy Teeth

Monday, February 23, 2009


/WOTD/ beseech \bi-SEECH\, verb; beseech, besought or beseeched, beseeching: to ask earnestly; implore

I intended to beseech for forgiveness, but it slipped my mind and came back to bite me in the worst of ways.

A long tiring Sunday, but things are already different in that Mia seems to be sleeping through the night (at least thus far, knock on wood).

Not the usual stream of photos, but I like these two, probably because I took and framed each, instead of just ripping photos off the camera that aren't my creative property.

Meh. Anyway, I took her to the park today after church, and she was able to just chill, and stomp around to her heart's content. She really is an oversized puppy, and I can't forget that cos she's already close to the full grown size of my old beagle, may she rest in peace. She's leveled up her experience so much in the last two days already.

7 weeks old, but she's already spending her nights surrounded by iron bars. We actually had to fortify the structure cos she broke out of jail last night and left a little brown present right by the dining table in protest. Scrum-diddly-umptious!

The Octagon
Much like the deadly octagon fights in mixed martial arts fighting, this octagon is lively and full of flying bodily fluids.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


/WOTD/ nocuous \NOK-yoo-uhs\, adjective: very hurtful; noxious

My new pup Mia is not very nocuous at all; any pain she causes is inadvertent. She can't really help having oversized paws and needle-point teeth.

First day with the new pup - black lab/question-mark-father mix (most likely german shep). It's 1:57 AM and she's lying down next to me, slipping in and out of sleep. She slept too much during the day, so when we leave her alone, she's not sleeping through the night and causing a whining racket. But she sure is cute! I've already had to clean up her urine 3 times and I haven't really minded at all! I didn't shoot any of these pictures.

Her first experience outside at church. She was pretty scared.

She pissed at @effchu's feet ( I would too). The entire process was documented.

Leaving the scene of the crime. She paws around like a tigress.

Not really liking the leash thing at all. She still doesn't. What a princess.

But I can't really say no to that face.

Artsy Golden Stream. It represents the snaking Yellow River, breaking through the rigid lines of the Iron Curtain. Actually, @effchu was just trying to be artsy, I'll bet.

Me with the pup.

Mr. Wood, firing away. His shots are probably 10x bettarz.

Constance wanted one. This little mongrel steals hearts and takes names.

We were trying to go to lunch, but homegirl wasn't moving at all. If only she were that sleepy now. Nice jawnz.

New addition to the family! @daving con mi.

Friday, February 20, 2009


/WOTD/ tautological \taw-TOL-uh-guh-kuhl\, adjective: unnecessarily or uselessly repetitive

Keeping my workspace clean is tautological; my OCD compels me to find order, but anything that is useful seems to cling to disorder.

By now, most of you have probably heard of the web's latest blog sensation, This is why you're fat. Look at the finality of that title. It is comprised of a cornucopia of comfort foods, arranged oh-so-pleasantly to give the consumer that much higher of a chance to dam their arteries.

@crystal_jean and I decided that we were going to attempt to concoct a monstrosity worthy of that website.

I busted out my trusty mini-moleskin that I've taken to keeping in my camera bag. Its been sitting there, contentedly and completely empty, but I think we've stumbled upon a project worthy of breaking it open and tarnishing its yellowing lines.

Page 1 of our brainstorm.

Page 2 & 3.

Yep, we're up to no good & @effchu has reserved himself a spot as a taste tester (no surprise there).

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


/WOTD/ consternation \kon-ster-NEY-shuhn\, noun: sudden dread or paralyzing terror

To my consternation, a group of rowdy customers entered the shop just as the microwave counter ticked down to ZERO and the delicious aromas had already danced their way into my senses and longings.

St. Valentine's day was spent with my fellow bromosexuals @imhenry, @daving, @effchu. We caught a movie and hit up Norm's at midnight.

@imhenry posing with our Coraline 3D stub. Friggin' dope movie. It shows a glimpse of where 3D is going. Movies are going to be CRAZY. You heard it here first.

@effchu's plate of loaded hash, devoured in mere milliseconds.

@effchu's garlic fries, devoured in less milliseconds.

My steak&eggs&hashbrowns&hotcakes caught mid-devour. Look at that medium rare goodness. Yums!

It turns out you can get one of these on Norm's if you have a ticket stub from a local movie theater and spend over $5.99. Monster meal, all for under 10 dollars, pre-tax.

Nature versus Machine
Caught behind the hustle & bustle of Third Street Promenade.

The Unlikely Couple

This is my denim appreciation blog, so I figured it was time to shoot a little bit. In all honesty, the jeans haven't been doing much. I just wear them. The initial indigo release has pretty much subsided. They bled blue like a mother before. Everything I sat on looked like it was involved in some Smurf massacre, but now they're just keeping. Some indigo loss on the whiskering, and I don't plan on doing a soak anytime soon, so they'll probably show more wear in a couple weeks/months. I liked the contrast with the finished wood.

Welcome to LA
Everywhere else in the world, The New York Times reigns supreme.

Mickey D's for the inner child. Yums.

How is a quarter every five minutes justified? This thing sucks more money than American Auto.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


So my fam-bam is looking to adopt one of these puppies and you're gonna help me do it!

Take a look at the pictures of each one and help us with our decision!  It's been terribly hard for me, so let me know your thoughts!

This is the female of the group.  She's slightly smaller, a light brown color, beautiful but just a little feisty/growly/prone to nipping at your hand with her little canines.

This is the black male.  He's playful, a dark clean color with a little diamond of white on his head, and chubby.  Very cute and laid back.

This is the light brown male.  He's playful, but laid back and cute too.

Live feed from the cell!